About Peter Hendrie

peter hendrie


Born in Barnstaple in 1956. Peter trained as a shipwright, working out of Appledore Shipyard on the North Devon Coast.

With the decline in the ship building industry, his career, lead him into hotel management and onto the Exmoor National Park.
” With photography being my passion for many years, Exmoor inspires that passion with its magical scenery”

Peter has been strongly influenced by both mid-century and modern day photographers, such as Ansell Adams and latterly Peter Dombrovski, Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish and Niall Benvie.

” Exmoors splendour and stunning natural beauty is envied by many. Rolling Coombes, dramatic coastline, meandering streams. Sleepy village hamlets, seemingly lost in the passage of time. Open Moor Land with its unique blend of heather and gorse, punctuated by the occasional isolated Blackthorn.

An abundance of wildlife typified by the majestic Red Deer and our own Exmoor Ponies. Deciduous wooded coombes burst into life in the spring with a mass of translucent greens, followed by that golden glow of autumn. Moods are created from images like these ”

Peter is available for Photographic work for Magazines, Brochures and Web Sites.
Commissions Undertaken.

Peter has recently become a tutor for the Photographic group Light & Land, where he will be guiding tours around the rolling hills of exmoor.

Also Peter won the Iconic category in the Travel Photographer of The Year Awards for 2006, with is pictures of Paris by night.


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