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Paris Illuminated
Paris, with its wide avenues and neo-classical facades, stands today as a leading business and cultural centre, its influence on design, media, fashion, science and the arts all contributing to tis status as one of the world’s major cities. Its buildings, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre-Coeur to the Madeleine, are among the most iconic on the planet. And yet familiar as they are in daylight, at night they take on a different and at times wholly unexpected character. Rivers of light pour from their doorways, cascades of colour tumble from their windows, boulevards are transformed into shining seas of movement. Facets of the city which are obscure in the daytime gain a pin-sharp brightness after dark. And a city renowned for being the ‘City of Love’ becomes even more romantic bathed in the glow of a million manmade stars. Shot in stupendous panoramic format, award winning photographer Peter Hendrie has captured a glorious vision of this diamond of cities, shinning with a unique brilliance. He reveals aspects of Paris too often hidden in the light of common day and shows that what can be overlooked before twilight gains a staggering beauty after dark. The City of Lights truly illuminated.

This is just a sample of images found in this bookAn Exmoor Panorama

Exmoor, one of the most precious landscapes in Britain, presents an ever-changing kaleidoscope of views through time and place. From its dramatic and unspoiled coastline, tumbling rivers, hanging woods and bleak moorlands, to picturesque villages and contour-hugging farms, seen through the seasons Exmoor offers a picture of unending variety.

From his base at the heart of Exmoor, international-award-winning photographer Peter Hendrie has spent years capturing Exmoor in its many moods. But now uniquely, he presents his vision in a series of stunning images in large-scale panoramic format. For the first time in published form, his exceptional work is displayed in a book made to fit the image rather than – as is often the case – the other way round. The depth and quality of each picture is realized superbly in this mouth-watering volume, perhaps the most stunning ever to appear on this incomparable place.

Yet the genius of Peter Hendrie is to go beyond the merely attractive or simply photogenic: in over 70 works of photographic art he captures the true essence of each of his subjects with an understanding an sympathy that only a man of the Moor can bring. Every magnificently presented image conveys the real passion he feels for the place he calls home.

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