Exmoor Tour 8th-11th June 2012

Just had a great few days leading a Photographic Tour on Exmoor for Light and Land. This is just one of many tours that I’ve led for Light & Land over the last few years. I started off back in 1998 as a client of Light & Light on a tour to Andalusia in Spain with Charlie Waite and have never looked back. One of the things that impressed me was the comorardari within the group, the way in which we  all learnt and bounced idea’s off one another, coupled by the enthusiasm of the leader to each and every one of us, you felt that you were in a position to not only learn and try new techniques, but your confidence grew the longer the tour went on and this was expressed by everyone in the group.

I still remember that first trip with fond memories, and this has been fe-enforced on other Light and Land tours that I’ve attended as a client all around the world. Now that I’m a tour leader I’m fully aware of how peoples perception is of how tours like these should be run and what they’re hoping to get out of it, and it’s something that I fully endorse. As for me, photography isn’t jet a pass-time or a means of documenting a place, it’s a passion, and something that’s always stayed with me from that first trip to Andalusia.  I’m not going to go to some exotic location just to capture a record shot, although I’m fully aware that clients want to add a particular shot or shots to their portfolio, nevertheless I want my clients to return home with a selection of images that portray and do justice to that particular destination, and it’s something that I try to adopt when I’m now leading or co-leading tours.






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