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I’d like to welcome you all aboard my new blog. Like so many ideas that we all have from time to time, having the time, along with running two businesses simultaneously is often littered with problems, nevertheless here I am at last putting pen to paper so to speak.

Wearing my photographic hat, many exciting new things are in the pipeline, starting with the launch of my long awaited new website later this week. Not only has it got a totally new look and feel about it but I’ve decided to move into the Limited Edition Fine Art Print market, something my wife Linda has been recommending that I do for a long time now.

Part of the reason for this taking so long to get off the ground is the sheer number of transparencies that have to be scanned. I purchased a Hassleblad Flextight 5 semi drum scanner a couple years back, and only now am I starting to wade through all of the images in the filing cabinet. It’s a laborious job but nevertheless fruitful at the end of the day and viewing the many panoramic images full screen on my Mac is almost as good as viewing them on a light box.

Along with the fine art prints, are my books, calendars and greeting cards which I intend to further develop over the next couple of years. My connections with Light and Land are developing successfully with more Tours and Workshops both in the UK and abroad planned for 2013. I intend keeping everyone informed on this blog and on my new website of all the proposed tours/workshops along with any last minute developments which might arise together with my own successful One-To-One tuition sessions.

I hope that you all enjoy reading my blog on a regular basis as I intend adding new content on a monthly basis, as well as keeping you informed of any new ideas and directions that the blog might take, so any feedback would be most welcome.


Warmest Regards


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