Wild-Encounters is the company where you can go for various fauna-oriented matters. For more than 15 years we have been out and about at home and abroad with the visualization of Fauna for various agencies and projects. We provide Polar expedition travel with knowledge and expertise as an Expedition guide to snorkeling expeditions between the Whales and Orcas in Northern Norway. With the behavior of the animals as the leading factor, so that the welfare and natural behavior are affected as little as possible.

Fauna  in Beeld

Fauna in pictures:
Wild-Encounters is committed to preserving nature and the animals that call this nature their home. Through Wildlife Conservation photography we offer tools to visualize the fauna. For example, we support with Inventory & Monitoring. We conduct research for clients and register the species that are observed and try to photograph as many species as possible.
These photos can in turn be used for reports and other documents to inform people or promote the project. More information about this can be found further on this page “Specialized in Wildlife Photography”.
We have since been invited by several clients to strengthen their team. For example, we traveled to remote places in the Polar Regions, various National Parks within Europe, but also to mud depots within the province and nature reserves and forests within various municipalities.

Specialized in Wildlife Photography

Specialized in Wildlife Photography:

Through Wildlife Conservation photography we offer tools to visualize the fauna.

Wildlife Photography is more than just capturing Fauna through photography. It is accompanied by knowledge and research into the relevant animal species, habitat and ecological status. And a good portion of patience.

-The gear used during assignments is regularly updated. This enables us to provide you with the highest quality images.
– We offer the possibility to place Wildcameras. These cameras are active day and night and take photos as soon as there is movement in front of the sensor. Resulting in; a more truthful monitoring.
-These photos can again be used for reports and other documents to inform people or promote the project.

To get an impression of our observations and photography, you can find some of our images in our shop.


It’s all about unique wildlife encounters and ever lasting memories. Therefore extend your personal boundaries and join us in exploring the world.
Following, we would like to take you; experiencing Wildlife up close and personal, with Wild-Encounters. Always assessing the behavior of the animals to minimize disturbance and observe them in their natural habitat. This sometimes means to abord an encounter for the welfare of the animals. This is their home; we are just visitors. Giving you the best encounters up close with wildlife, observing, snorkeling, kayaking or cruising is our passion. Enjoy unique adventures with a small group of like-minded guests


You will also find a Webshop on our page. All photo’s in this webshop are made by ourselves.This shop is updated while traveling and provided with new content when we are not on the road. On all our trips and while guiding we experience the most beautiful wildlife encounters. We are happy to share these moments with you by printing them especially for you and selling them as a postcard or piece of art on the wall. The prints and the glass prints are only printed when you make an order. This means that the order can be delivered a little later than usual. But much more important, that print material is handled with care and the most local location where the art is made especially for you. This results in lower transport costs and fewer emissions.