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The succes of these trips is very much depending on the whales and weather conditions. Two things which are beyond our control. However, many years of experience has showed us that the winter months, from the end of October to mid January, offer the best chances for snorkeling with orka’s and whales. Our itineraries are flexible and we will alter our plans to take advantage of light, weather, wildlife sightings and other one-of-a-kind opportunities which can vary from day to day. The success of this trip is based on realistic expectations and your personal flexibility.


Day 1

Our adventure starts in Tromsø, a small city in Arctic Norway. We recommend you arrive at least one day prior to embarkation, just in case you’re flight might be delayed. You will board the ship in the afternoon of the first day. Once on board you’ll have plenty of time to get settled in your cabin and explore the ship. In the evening, the ship will leave Tromsø towards a location where we expect to find whales. Meanwhile you can enjoy dinner and have some time to meet the other guests.

Be prepared for cold but rewarding days out at sea with spectacular sightings of a unique display of mother nature. Bring a good portion of adventurous spirit. We deal with true wildlife encounters and unpredictable weather conditions.

Day 2-6

In search of Whales and Orcas.

For five full days we will follow the schools of herring and pods of orcas and humpbacks in the protected surroundings of the beautiful Norwegian fjords. Our ship has spacious decks so you can take in the amazing scenery. The bridge of the ship is a great place to look with us for whales and enjoy the beautiful light and views of the Norwegian fjords. We have an open bridge policy so you are welcome at almost any time.
We “Johnny and Debbie” will accompany you on your whale watching adventure. We will share our knowledge with you and will do our utmost to offer you the best experience. The crew and us are constantly on the look-out for whales and orcas. Whenever the conditions are right, we will take the zodiacs and go out on the water.



Our main goal during our the Winter Whales of Norway expeditions is to go snorkeling with whales and orcas as often as possible. On board we provide special Waterproof snorkel dry suits and snorkeling equipment. When whales have been spotted nearby, conditions and behavior are right  we will get the zodiacs in the water. Make sure you have your camera charged and your dry suit ready in your room so you can head out quickly. We will give you the sign to change into your drysuit. Approaching whales will always be done cautiously, at a low speed towards the side of the pod. When the guide descides it’s safe to go snorkeling, you will be allowed to go into the water. You will be able to take a look into the world of the whales, an absolute unique opportunity to swim with these enormous animals. Enjoy the moment!

The combination of wildlife encounters, the beautiful scenery of the Norwegian fjords and the amazing Northern Lights, make this trip an exclusive experience of nature. If you choose not to snorkel, you can enjoy these phenomena from the spacious deck of the ship or join the zodiac excursions for up-close whale watching and excellent photography opportunities.

Northern Lights

During the darker hours we usually stay at anchor. You will get to enjoy the warm and cozy comfort of the expedition yacht. The “Explorer” even has a sauna and hot-tub for you to relax and wam up after an exciting day out in the cold. On board, we offer an educational lecture program about whale conservation and research and other interesting topics. We relax, read and watch our photo’s and video’s which we took during the day. And ask you to share your footage with one of us, so we can share this footage the same evening with the rest of the group in our daily recaps. Excellent food is served three times a day, with a warm meal during lunch and diner. We may also go ashore in a small village and in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights.

In the winter months, Northern Norway is the perfect place for Aurora Borealis sightings. With a bit of luck we will witness these amazing Northern Lights during our trip. 


Day 7, disembarkation

Our ship usually arrives back in Tromsø the night before disembarkation. So a great way to end the trip in one of the cosy bars of Tromsø for one more party, together with the rest of the group. After breakfast and saying farewell to the crew, it is unfortunately time to disembark. We can arrange a transfer to the airport or to your hotel if you choose to extend your stay in Norway.


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